Our story

Why Ostara and the story behind the name

Ostara is a norse goddess that represents the transition through the spring, the abondance and the feminin. These are éléments that are knitted into the story of the entrepreneur that created this bussines. Family and anniversaries nourtured the love for pastries. The celebrations always implied the union of every women of the family in order to bring joy to the rest of us, they used to do it by creating these magnificent pastries such as the amazingly decorated birthday cakes. Also the tea time with his aunts gave to the creator of the project a sense of culture that no other activity has given to him. I was born with this passion for nature, that got translated into my daily life with a dream of being part of this magique universe where animals, humans and nature were in toltal peace. At the end this dream motivated me to become an environnemental engineer, but considering it still like not enough the option of veganism became the action that were more related to real change. Finally in order to honor my story i’ve decided to créate Ostara.


Teach to the pastry enthusiasts new methods and give them the tools they need to create dairy free pastry.


Create a community that shares the same essential values such as respect to every been and the environment.